Saturday 12.17.16

14484586_10208865862856198_7635746653688084633_n 14494735_10211525131429670_7890073373988765657_n Eileen marco


on own:
2 min bike or row
10 jumping jacks
10 air squats
10 alternate leg lunge twists

then as a group

SALLY time..... ; - )


Marco And Eileen Partner Bash
77 things to do on your joint bday party....

Partner Chipper
Marco and the boys do 40
Eileen and the girls do 37

77 cal bike
77 wb shots
77 ball slams
77 box jumps
77 kb swings
77 kb lunges R+L=2
77 kb sit ups
77 cal row
77 k2b
77 burpees


5 min of... Birthday guy/girl favorite - members follow
coach gets to modify for group..

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