Wednesday 1.25.17


Bike 2 min - 3 rds 10 PVC pass thru, oh squat, 10 jump squat - RED LINE - coach led


PRESS From The Rack
objective is to establish 1RM for Strict, Push, Jerk PRESS

starting with
Strict Press - bar weight x 5. Then, continue to add weight performing 3 reps max - 1rep min for 1RM.
Push Press - start with 1RM strict press weight and complete 1 rep each set until 1RM
Jerk - start with 1RM PP weight and continue to do 1 jerk until failure establishing your 1RM
record all 3 1RM lifts


2RFT: Partner's spilt however they wish.
1 min each WB, SDHP, BJ, PP, ROW [calculate total reps]


3min:2min on bike 1 min burpee jump over

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