Saturday 7.1.17


before class officially starts - option to run 200, 300 or 400m
then coach led line up - 3 across -
5 air squats then go...
down -front lunge, jog back
down - side lunge, jog back
down - inch worm, jog back
down - bear crawl, jog back
down - crab walk, jog back
then line up: dynamic stretches and mobility


3 person teams:
120 cal bike and 120 cal row;
while one athlete is biking the other two athletes are chipping away at the other movements.
must be evenly distributed so, each athlete must accumulate 40 but, no more.
120 k2e [modify with knee raises with a 1sec hold] 120 pullups [modify with ring rows or jumping kip] 120 wb [20/14, 14/10
120 box jump [30/24, 24/20, 20/12] 120 kb swings [53/35, 44/26, 35/18] 120 burpees -
Finish with 120 DUs each

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