What is Crossfit

No doubt, you’ve probably heard people talking about CrossFit for years. There’s a ton of reasons why this has become an obsession for so many athletes and health aficionados. Why? We’re going to explain it all to you right here.

CrossFit is basically a mix of three modalities - Weightlifting, Cardio and Gymnastics. “Constantly Varied, Functional Movements executed at High Intensity”. At a CrossFit box (aka gym), you’ll find everything from barbells to gymnastic rings and everything in between making for a well rounded, killer workout.

Here are the three components (modalities) that make up CrossFit:

Weightlifting: is used in CrossFit because it works the whole body and not separate parts. More of "functional movements" vs" isolation. Deadlifts, Squats, Presses are some basci fundamentals. Two Olympic lifts used are the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. You’ve probably seen both of these during the Olympic games, but we’ll go ahead and refresh your memory. The Snatch is when a barbell is lifted off the ground or hang postion in one movement. The Clean & Jerk is when the barbell is first lifted to the shoulders and then overhead. Well also utilize kettle bells, dumbbells, wall balls. Everything we do that requires moving weights we will do using the natural movements of our bodies allows us to truly strengthen all the muscles for a superior workout.

Cardio: is a portion of CrossFit that is centered around aerobic and anaerobic exercises like running, rowing, biking, jump rope and even swimming. We will do short and medium and long session that are sure to boost and improve metabolic conditioning.

Gymnastics: The first time I heard my workout involved gymnastics I immediately thought of the gymnasts from the Olympics. YIKES! Have no fear - please. Although you will learn many of gymnastics exercises. We will incorporate gymnastic type exercises as well as plyometrics... So, Box jumps, Push ups, Sit ups for certain. Also, well learn to do Handstands and Handstand Walk, Pull ups (strict, kipping and butterflys). Ever hear of toes to bar? [T2B] we'll do them! Rope Climbs - we will get you to do them! We will train, progress and push our bodies; using our own body weight to excel.

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