Monthly Archives: November 2017

Thursday 11.30.17

12/10 cal row, 10 jumping jacks, 10 pvc pass thurs, 10 oh squats - wod specific mobility w coach

Skill Work
Hang Clean progression / then, 6min emom 2hpc, 2hc

15 Thrusters+Pullups, 12 Thrusters+BBJO, 9 Thrusters+Pullups, 6 Thrusters+BBJO, 3 Thrusters+Pullups

Wednesday 11.29.17

2min of bike or row, 20 air squats, 10 squat jumps, bear crawl down and back, crab walk down and back, pvc wod specific mobility w coach

Skill Work
A: snatch progression
B: 6 EMOM alt partner hang snatches [4ea]

partner chipper - 200 du, 60 ball slam, 50 t2b, 40 hspu, 30 burpee box jump, 20 wall walks, 10 rope climb - 200 du

Tuesday 11.28.17

bike 10 cal then, jog 200m then, 10 air squats, inch worm down, 5 hanging scap, high kick back, side lunges down, 5 hanging scap, PVC mobility (10 pass thrus)

Skill Work
A: med ball clean
A2: db row
A3: tricep kick back

for time:18-15-12-9 - row, kb swing, wall ball

Monday 11.27.17

Before anything - 4 min of run or row or bike: then, 10 static hold air squats, 10 alt lunges (R+L=2), 10 side lunges (R+L=2), 5 downward dog pushups
PVC Mobility

Skill Work:
A: 3x10 box front squats front squats 60%-70%
A1: 3x10 russian KB swing
A2: 3x10 arnold db press

10 min amrap -
1 HPC -
1 FS
1 S2OH
bar jump over
after each rd add 1rep each