At CrossFit WcG we are committed to providing first class workouts at reasonable prices. Members have the following options to choose from:


For those completely new to CrossFit, the first three classes are your "foundations" classes. The classes are designed to train you in CrossFit's foundational movements while slowly introducing you into higher levels of intensity in your training. After these classes we will determine if you are ready for group classes or we need a few more private sessions. If you decide to join us with an unlimited package we will waive your first month free.



Members can take advantage of our facilities and classes as often as they like.
$140 Unlimited monthly no contract! Only your commitment!

$55 per month for middle and high school $80 for college students


Military, First Responders & Teachers Discount

This option is for active military personnel, first responders and teachers (e.g. police, fire, EMT, Educators) and their spouses. We truly appreciate your dedication and sacrifice. As a sign of our gratitude, we offer Unlimited monthly membership with a 12 month contract at $105 dollars. You will be required to show valid identification upon your first visit.


Punch Card - 10 classes

A killer deal, our punch card consists of 10 classes at $155. The beauty of the punch card is that you can use your classes at your convenience. Punch card is valid for 90 days.


Personal Training

Whether you are trying to master a new movement, recover from an injury, prepare for a competition, or just trying to take your training to the next level– there is no faster and more effective way to do so than with some 1-on-1 attention.
Single: $50/hr
Doubles: $70/hr
Schedule with Coach

Teens Training

Teen classes are developed specifically for teen ages 13-17, focused on improving their speed, coordination, strength and endurance. This is beneficial to any sport they are involved in or maybe CrossFit becomes their sport!


Drop in

To register for Drop-in classes please use the CrossFit WcG schedule. The cost is $20 or the purchase of a CrossFit WcG t-shirt.

Family Member Pricing

add one family member and receive $10 off the second membership
add two family members and receive $10 off the second membership and $20 off the third membership

Sports Team Training

we can work around your teams schedule off-season or in-season
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