Saturday 1.7.17


on own;
4 min row or bike

Line up in rows of 4
first group goes down and back then goes to end of line
high kicks, high knees, lunges, broad jumps


WcG Partner WOD Filthy 100
Partners must split evenly
cannot move on until movement is completed.

100 of...
DUs or 300 singles
Bike or Row
oh lunges L+R=2 45/25, 25/15
weighted sit-ups 45/25, 25/15
box jumps 24/20
kb swings 53/35, 44/26
pull- ups
ball slams 40/30, 30/20, 20/10
Wall Balls20/14, 14/10
Row or Bike
DUs or 300 singles

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