Saturday 06.04.16



800m run
5 air squats
5 squats jumps
walking lunges down
inchworm back
windmill arms


3 Person Teams
3 Separate WODS 11 Minutes ea.
3 min transition between WODs

WOD 1:
A] Bike (record calories)
B] T2B (record ea)
C] 20 Wall Balls (20/14) - when all 20 wall balls are complete everyone swiitches

WOD 2:
A] ROW (record calories)
B] OH weighted HOLD (45/25)
C] 10 KB Swings + 10 KB Goblets - When C has completed everyone switches

WOD 3:
A] JUMP Dbl Unders (Record total jumps)
B] Burpees (record)
C] 5 Bear Complex 115/75 - when C completes all 5 Bear complexes then everyone switches


100 Sit Ups Challenge (your choice)
25 close grip push ups

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