Saturday 05.20.17


10 air squats, 5 squat jumps
lite jog around front lot
right side lunges down + bar hang
left side lunges back + 5 down dog push ups
PVC mobility


Coach Billy Birthday Wod
200m run
50 cal row split
50 cal bike split
3 rope climbs each200m run
50 WB split
50 WB situps split
3 wall walks each

200m run
50 Ball Slams split 30/20
50 KB Swings split 44/26
3 rope climbs each

200m run
50 HRPU split
50 K2E split
3 wall walks each

200m run
50 hang cleans 65/35
50 push press 65/35

2 person teams:
1. when running - athlete can start on movement the second they return
2. all movements must be split evenly and completed by both athletes before they can move on.
3. rope climbs and wall walks are not split

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