Wednesday 11/13/19

bike 1 min easy 1 min faster pace
runner, butterfly, quad, wrist
10 stationary alt lunges, air squat static + side to side lean
10 air squats, then banded left side to side down and right side to side back
1/3 inch worm+1/3 bear crawl+1/3 crab walk
hsHold for 7sec, then 5 seconds then 3 seconds

Skill Work
A.Back Squat 3sets of 12reps @ 40% of 1rm back squat
B. BTN 3sets of 3reps of Snatch balance @ 50% of 1rm snatch
C. OV Squat 5sets of 1rep build to moderate load

2 person partner wod for TIME
Split evenly and often:
100 cal bike (10cal ea)
100 Hang SDHP (10 ea) 95/65
1000m row (250m ea)
100 dbl wb throw (10 ea)
100 K2E (10 ea)

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