Wednesday 1/22/20

bike 1 min
runner, butterfly, quad
10 stationary alt lunges, air squat static + side to side lean,
10 air squats + 5 squat jumps
1/3 inch worm+1/3 bear crawl+1/3 crab walk Down - high kicks back
Banded monster walk 20 steps forward and 10 steps back
Pistel Practice - 5x L + 5x R (coach to review modifications)

Skill Work
Back Squat
after warm up
5x3 start at 60% and increase load each set

15 minutes amrap
A1 250/200m
A2 5 box jumps(30/24)+10kb (53/35) + kb walking lunges down (53/35) + 1 rope climb
come back and tag to switch

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