Tuesday 3/14/2023

Skill Work
Snatch / Clean
emom 6 emom
1 power snatch (floor) + 1 hang power snatch
- increase load each min
emom 4 emom
1 power clean (floor) 1 hang squat clean
- build to wod weight

5 rds
3 min amrap each rd
9air squat
1 min rest

Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible (“AMRAP“) in 3 minutes of the prescribed work in the order written, then rest 1 minute. Repeat five times.
– Official scoring: After each 3-minute cycle, start over. Record the score (rounds+reps) individually for each of the five AMRAPs.*
– Common scoring: After each 3-minute cycle, start where you left off at the end of the previous cycle. Record total rounds and reps completed.
Tips and Strategy
Go fast and hard in round 1 (around 85-90% of your max speed) and note your total rounds/reps. Commit to getting the same score in rounds 2-5 as you do in round 1. Go unbroken on the Power Cleans. Take big breaths during the Rest period to slow your heart rate down.
If you can, have someone keep your score. There are a lot of rounds and reps and clocks to mind in this workout–having someone keep track of the score/clock allows you to focus on the workout.
Intended Stimulus
“The Chief” is meant to feel really uncomfortable. Almost anytime there is built-in rest in a workout Interval style, it means that the “working portion” is meant to be done fast. And since the rounds in this benchmark WOD are only 3 minutes long, you’ve got to go hard and ideally unbroken. At the end of this workout, everything in your body should be burning–“The Chief” hits the lower body, upper body, core, and lungs.

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