Tuesday 2/4/20

Row 250/200
lite stretch/mobility - runners, pigeon, 5x uprights, wrist clock work
static squat + lean left pause & right pause
DOWN - 1/2 inch + 1/2 bear crawl
windmills - 10x each small/med/large R+L arm
3x 5 sec HsHOLD + neg pause at 90

Skill Work
Front Squat
10,6,6,4,6,10 [40,50,60,70,70,40]

Coach Led - CLEAN as a group
[1] learn the ""jump"" position - 3x body weight vertical jumps, 3x empty bar vertical jumps
[2] POSITION WORK: From Floor to Knee and pause: 3x1 THEN, From Knee to mid-thigh to full extension 3x1 (feel the path - balanced) THEN, 3x1 From mid-thigh hang to clean Pull (explosive!) THEN, 3x1 from Mid-thigh to power clean (explosive and quick turnover)
[3] 3x1 Power Clean (add load depending on skill)

12 Thrusters 95/65
8 Pull ups
12/10 Cal Row

sc 75/55
Mrx 65/45 (50+)
Rx+ 115/75

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