Tuesday 2/12/19

"bike 2min

a. runners stretch
b. 3x forward fold
c. 5x butterfly stretch
d. 5x pushup to cobra to child pose
e. wrist clock mobility

dynamic stretching/mobility:
a. alt lunges - high kicks
b. alt side lunges - high knees
c. crab walk - burpee broad jump
Skill Work
"Back Squat
5x50, 4x55, 3x60, 2x65, 1x70, 1x75, 1x80, 1x85, 1x90, 1x90
Wod Prep - Coach Led
Bergener Warm up + Skill Transfer
1x PVC, 1x Empty Bar, 1x Weighted Bar

5RFT 165/115
3 PSn
50 DUs

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