Thursday 5.2.19

bike 2 min
static stretch: runners, quad, figure four, 10 up rights, wrist
Dynamic Stretching: alt lunges down - high kicks back, alt side to side lunges down - high knee tucks back,

3x hs hold

Strength / Skill
S2oh work
a. Strict press
singles to 1rm
a1. body weight split jerk 3x
b. push press
singles to 1rm
b1. body weight split jerk 3x
c. jerk
singles to 1 rm

run 400m
12 s2oh 115/75
15 t2b

run 400m
9 s2oh 135/95
12 t2b

run 400m
6 s2oh 155/115
9 t2b

run 400m
3 s2oh 175/135
6 t2b

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