Thursday 2/2/2023

Skill Work
Power shrug + power snatch from 3 POS (hang, knee, floor)
(This will be SIX reps in each set done as follows; shrug from hang, power snatch from hang, shrug from knee, power snatch from knee, pull/shrug off floor, power snatch off floor)
2 sets of hang, knee, floor - light and fast!

Power clean (floor) + front squat (twice)
start light and add weight until you can't power clean it anymore, then go right into squat clean (blend)

4 rds
8 alt DBL Snatch 50/35
6 Box Jump 30/24

4 rds
8 alt ball slam (full extension at the top) 40/30
6 T2B

8 rds
1 Power Snatch + 2 OHS 135/95
3 Front Facing Burpee Bar Jump Over

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