Thursday 10/7/2021

Strength / Skill
On a 25:00 min Clock

From RIG
ohs 3x3 (pause)
sn balance 3x3 (fast, fast, faster!)
coach led with PVC then, on own build load that you can handle

From Station:
3x1 Sn pull + high hang power snatch
3x2 squat snatch from hang (lower to knee cap)
3x3 High hang squat clean + High Hang power clean

200m run
7 ball slam 40/30
5 strict hspu
3x of 1 sngrip dl + 1 hang squat snatch 115/85
Intended Stimulas
"Skill is to spend time on technique
wod should be fast pace run, move through slams and hspu then, do your best to hit every squat snatch!
10-12 min (approx give or take seconds ea. run 1-1:15, ball slam .30, hspu, .15, .30)"

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