Saturday 9/11/2021

911 Tribute WOD
Some facts to think about and hopefully motivate you today...
9/11 = 9 movements - 11 reps each
the year 2001 and 1980 steps down from the 110th floor of the world trade center each represent your RUN today
2,997 people killed represent your ROW today

Tribute WOD
2 person partner wod
the run and row totals will be completed in combination with the 9 movements
during each movement A1 will perform the reps while A2 holds a wall ball. (you can NOT drop the wall ball as this represents the weight of the firemans jacket)
3,2,1 go...

1. 400m run together
11 sandbag box step-ups each
2. 400m run together
11 deadlifts each 225/155
3. 400m run together
11 hspu each
4. 400m run together
11 burpee with wb squat and pass to partner each
5. 400m run together
11 ball slams each
6. 750m row split
11 Toes to Ring each
7. 750m row split
11 GHD situps each
8. 750m row split
11 sumo deadlift high pull 95/65
9. 750m row split
11 sandbag jump squats

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