Saturday 2/6/2021

Saturday Partner WOD
[3] 10 min WODS - 3ppl teams

Wod 1:
A1: Ski Erg Max Cal
A2: 10 Box Jumps 24/20 - rx+ 30/24
A3: OH plate hold 45/25

2 minute transition

A1: Row Max Cal
A2: 10 Dbl WB Shots
A3: Wall Sit

2 minute transition

Wod 3:
A1: Assault Bike Max Cal
A2: 5 PU/T2B combo
A3: Low Plank

The pace is dictated by A2
Each team of athletes MUST be in position and start at the same time.
Record A1 Calories and A2 Reps

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