Saturday 10/28/17

Saturday, October 28, 2017
10 cal bike, 200m jog, bear crawl, duck walk, inch worm, high kicks, butt kicks, 20 air squats, 10 jump squats
3 Person Wod
"Don't think of the reps you have left, just get the 1 in front of you, then another,and another"
2000 Meter Row
Partner 1 - Rows
Partner 2 - Hold 45/25 Plate OH
Partner 3 - Wall Squat Hold

As soon as either Partner 2 or 3 breaks, all members switch stations.
Keep switching off when Partner 2 or 3 breaks until total row is done.
Row will not be divided equal, since based on breaking.

10RDS - 33 reps split evenly. Team must run together
33 kb swings 70/53, 53/44,44
33 Box Jumps 24/20 20/18/12
Run 200 Meters (Start run together, 1sr person IN can start 11 burpees)
33 Burpees
33 Wall Balls 20/14, 14/10/8

When Partner 1 finishes first 11 they can move onto the next one.
Partner 2 then can start their 11 first movement while Partner 1 is on 2nd movement, etc.
When you get to run all three members need to be done with their 11 reps to start the run.
First person IN, starts 11 burpees while the other partners rest, then continue on

15 wall walks - split evenly

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