Monday 2/4/19

"bike 2min
a. runners stretch
b. forward fold
d. bound angle (butterrfly)
e. 5 modified push-ups to a cobra to child pose
f. wrist clock mobility

dynamic stretching/mobility:
a. alt lunges - high kicks
b. alt side lunges - high knees
c. bear crawl - 3rds of 10 scap pulls
Strength / Skill
Bench Press
10x50, 8x60, 6x70, 4x80, 2x90, 1xmax +4x
30 box dips
30 push ups
30 ring rows

20 box dips
20 hspu
20 pull-up

10 box dips
10 deficet hspu (45/25)
10 ctb

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