Wednesday 12.5.18

bike - 10 cal
row - 500/400m
3 rds:
10 air squat
10 push up
10 jump squat
wrist clock work mobility
bear crawl down - high kicks back
crab walk down - high kick back

Strength / Skill
Press Complex
15 min to establish
strict to 1rm - pp to 1rm - jerk to 1rm

partner 2pp - 4rds each
a1 row for cal
a2 complete obstacles
[must bring weight with you to each station by farmer carry] 10 db snatch ea l+r=1 53/35-
10 box jump 24/20
10 burpee plate jump
10 db shoulder press ea l+r=1 53/35
db farmer carry back and switch

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