Friday 11.11.17

buy-in 12/10 cal bike
duck walk down- high kick back
inch worm down - butt kick back
front lunges down - side lunges back
15 air squat - 10 squat jump - 5 burpee clap
wod specific mobility w coach

Strength / Skill
a: Back squat 7x1

b: heavy snatch grip pulls (pause and explode 2+2) 90%, 100%, 110%
- wait for coaches' instruction

1rd = Hang Power Snatch, Power Snatch + OHS, Hang Snatch, Snatch + OHS

(must be able to complete the entire rd without putting bar down. If you can add weight in between rounds then do so "same rule applys" When you complete the 'RD" you have 1 minute before you can start next "rd"

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